doing stuff since 2009.

You don't want to read a long and boring 'we are Blacklake and we are bla bla bla' story and we don't want to write one.

It's very simple; you make music and we design stuff you need. Look at some images here, follow us on facebook and send us an email, so we can get started.

Alice Cooper rules.

Our services include:

but are not limited to...

  • Cover art
  • Logo design
  • Package layout
  • Ignoring your opinion
  • Typesetting
  • Merchandise
  • Stage design
  • Staring at your girl
  • Website design
  • Website maintenance
  • People we work (and have worked) with:


    Eric Adams (US)
    Alarion (NL)
    Alpha Male (NL)
    Believing Reason (UK)
    Bliksem (BE)
    Laura Butlin (UK)
    Cirrha Niva (NL)
    Confidence (SW)
    Club 27 (NL)
    Diablo Blvd. (BE)
    The Difference (BE)
    The Dust Connection (NL)
    End of the Dream (NL)
    Exploding Shetland Ponies (NL)
    For All We Know (NL/SW)
    Forgotten Suns (PT)
    Kristoffer Gildenlöw (SW)
    Gingerpig (NL)

    Gold (NL)
    Gwydion (PT)
    Haken (UK)
    Headspace (UK)
    HekZ (UK)
    Helstar (US)
    Hilton Dive (NL)
    Infloyd (NL)
    Ruud Jolie (NL)
    Lemuria (BE)
    Lord Volture (NL)
    Maiden uniteD (NL/UK)
    Manowar (US)
    No Sky Today (US)
    Pegazus (AU)
    Picture (NL)
    Primal Creation (BE)
    Psion (UK)

    Rusty Dagger (NL)
    Serena Pryne (CA)
    Sabbath Judas Sabbath (US)
    Sardonis (BE)
    Sleeze Beez (NL)
    Tank86 (NL)
    Textures (NL)
    THEO (US)
    Threshold (UK)
    Up The Irons (NL)
    Unchained Reality (NL)
    Vanderbuyst (NL)
    Pascal Waisapy (NL)
    Adam Wakeman (UK)
    Damian Wilson (UK)
    Wane of Summer (NL)
    Winter in Eden (UK)
    Thomas Zwijsen (NL)

    companies & events

    AFM Records (DE)
    Battle Cat Productions (BE)
    Bidi Bookings (NL)
    Breda Barst (NL)
    Breda Suck City (NL)
    Buma Cultuur (NL)
    Buma Rocks! (NL)
    Burgfest (NL)
    FemME (NL)
    Forces Of Metal (NL)

    Glassville Records (NL)
    Grand Glam Slam (NL)
    Haunted Sky (NL)
    Heavy Hangout (NL)
    InsideOut (DE)
    JBM Events (NL)
    Magic Circle Music (US)
    MC Guitars (US)
    Metal Revelation (NL)
    Music From The Beast (DE)

    Mojo Concerts (NL)
    Never Mind The Hype (NL)
    Ortega Guitars (DE)
    Ridgefest (UK)
    Rock-n-Road (BE)
    South River Music (NL)
    Suburban Records (NL)
    Ván Records (DE)
    Wantwo Trash! (NL)
    Yellowdog Projects (UK)